Sadly there are a growing number of older adults living in poverty. The good news is there is often financial help available for those wanting to claim. Also, if you home is no longer suitable for your needs due to a disability. Home improvements may be funded in some instances too.

Collection of Useful Links including links on home adaptations for disabled people   Consists of Local NHS trusts, Local Councils and many other useful resource

Benefits and Grants available for older people including details on free boilers for lower income pensioners In detail article about Benefits and Grants Available for Older people

Are you claiming what you are entitled to including money for Home adaptations This article provides a valuable reminder about some of the benefits and grants available with useful links to the relevant agencies

You are 55 years young, or more – Links for Citizens Advice and older age with benefits on Winter home fuel payment Useful article for OAP’s with downloadable guide and some charities and useful links too.

Bereavement Services Association (BSA) links for Age Concern, Alzheimer and Benefits & Grants for OAPs including money for home adaptations Useful organisations from credible sources

Useful Links for Powers of Attorney and benefits available to older people on home adaptations by Eastern Cheshire CCG

Whitechapel Mission included links for Homeless Service Information and UK benefits guide including housing benefits Helping people with poverty, hopelessness and dependencies of many kinds

Centre for Housing and Support – Links for Age Concern, Benefits and Grants for Older People and Housing and Support Useful links page

Healthwatch Wandsworth Benefits & Grants Available to Older People including money for home adaptations Information on the benefits you might be entitled to claim


Trees & Landscape

Dreaming of that wonderful garden? Help may be at hand with these helpful gardening resources below.

Useful Garden tree information – collection of links for Nurseries, Gardeners & Landscapers and Gardening Tips They grouped together a range of quality, reputable companies who will be able to assist with your needs for garden and landscaping

Royal Horticultural Society Beginners’ guide to gardening

Let’s go Gardening Useful links and resources about gardening

BBC Gardening guide to gardening learning resources and online courses

Association of garden trusts – a charity that represents 35 County Gardens Trusts Useful links of various garden organisations

Useful link for Blindness

These links offer useful information about the financial help that is available to blind and partially sighted individuals. There is also extensive information available and financial help to adapt your home to make it more suitable for your needs.

Blindness Resource Center – Links for Blind or Partially Sighted Useful links related to Blindness

European Blind Union links to other organizations and services that will be helpful resources for blind and partially sighted persons

Royal Borough of Greenwich Visual impairment, useful links about Physical disabilities and Disabilities resources

RNIB –Braille resources for schools resources that can be used in schools to help teach children about Braille education

Action for Blind People –FAQ the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

NHS – Blindness and Vision loss Information and advice for people with vision loss

RP Fighting Blindness General Visual Impairment Links

Other Useful Links

A list of general links that provide financial help towards home improvements

Richmond Good Neighbours – Various links including Benefits and Grants available to OAPs and Age concern Useful links for local people

Psychometric tests & questionnaires 2016 included links for visual problems and various ability tests Compiled by Dr Mark Parkinson

Keeping warm in winter with Central Heating A Guide to keeping warm in the winter with central heating

Norwich Access Group collection of links including General links, charity links and Disability Rights Local links and other useful links as well

Ashbrow School – links for UK Benefits and Nutrition Useful links for parents

National Association of Park Home Residents collection of links related to Mortgages, Loans & Finance and Benefits & Grants for OAPs Links about Park Home Magazines, Solicitors, Park Home Insurance and other links as well

Useful links by HomeStart including links for Families Information, UK Benefits Guide and Citizens Advice contains various charity links useful for families

Mind in Harrow collection of links for Housing, Employment and Welfare Benefits Mind Your Money! Welfare Rights links

Stoneleigh Methodist Church including links for Churches, Ecumenical websites and Age Concern Useful Links for Community Services

Heathrow Airport Disabled Facilities London Heathrow Airport is reasonably friendly to disabled people and those needing special assistance

Turn2us – Fighting UK Poverty Turn2us is a national charity that helps people to gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services

Mencap – The voice of learning disability Mencap support thousands of people with a learning disability to do the things they love

MIND – The mental health charity Help with Employment Support Allowance

Brigitte Trust charity offering free emotional support and practical help at home to people and their families facing life-threatening illness

Fire Prevention Links

We have all had a fire or know someone who has had a fire in their home. You can never be careful enough when it comes to fire safety in your home. Make sure you take all the necessary precautions to keep your home safe for you and your family.

Fire safety at home and at work Download the Fire safety advice for householders and businesses

Chief Fire Officers Association Fire Sprinkler Week useful links of various organisation and downloadable resources

Fire Extinguishers Advice list of links and resources which think you might find useful

Public and commercial services union Understanding fire, fire precautions and prevention

US Fire Administration Fire prevention and public education and downloadable resources